Make The Most Of Happy Hour With Sky Bingo

A happy hour has always been a terrific marketing ploy and it has seen people flock to pubs, bars and even restaurants in their droves. People always like to think that they are getting good value and if you give people a set time limit to grab better value, they will likely turn out. It may follow that people will stay on after the happy hour promotion has finished but regardless of people’s behaviour, this is a popular promotion. It is therefore no surprise to learn that Sky Bingo have a happy hour promotion from Monday through to Thursday.

Sky Bingo already works quite hard to attract bingo players to their site with plenty of free bingo games  and the no deposit bingo bonus is one that goes down very well with new players. Having the chance to try out the great games on offer without spending any of your own money is always going to be an attractive proposition for players. However, a bingo site cannot rest on its laurels and it needs to provide constant promotions and benefits to players and this is exactly where the happy hour promotions comes into its own.

Exciting and interesting promotions should be part and parcel for all the best bingo sites you can find in the bingo directory but Sky Bingo seems to take it one step further. There is a lot to enjoy about the site and if you are free between 11am and midday or between 5 and 6pm, getting extra value for your bingo money is a good use of your time. These times may not be suitable for everyone but there will be a lot of bingo players who are able to join in with the happy hour fun and make the most of their time and money. After all, you can’t say the phrase happy hour without using the word happy.

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